About me

My work is about experiences, data, meaning and value. The relationship between who we are, what we make and how we connect is a fascination to me. Here’s where you can find more information about some of the things I do. 

Visceral Business

Visceral Business began in Sept 2008. It helps organisations develop effective digital business models, deal with change and create responsive, networked,  peer-to-peer organisations. 

Emergent Code

The Emergent Code Chronicles is a blog book about our transition from analogue to digital humans. It’s about what’s next for us in a  world being shaped by artificial intelligence and code.

ODI Cornwall

I’m the Lead for the ODI Community Node for Cornwall, which is developing open data for economic and social value.


I’m also a craftsperson, working in ceramics and textiles. When I’m not doing digital and business design development, I like to make pots and ceramic figures.

The Self Agency

With Simon Gough, I’m the co-founder of The Self Agency, a new kind of agency with a sole focus on individuals, helping people to put themselves before organisations.

Brexit: A conversation about isolation and connection

After an intense week of electioneering and ‘EU gossip’, here a few thoughts. I like to start with hard facts. Consider then, that the United Kingdom has a land mass of 242,495 km². The European continent’s is 10.18 million km². So, by size, the United Kingdom is just under 2.4% of Europe’s total land mass. In terms of…